Our LDR Story Part 2 (Video)

I really want to apologize for the long wait for this video! The past month has been super hectic with internship stuff, final tests and assignments, etc. But here it is πŸ™‚ … More Our LDR Story Part 2 (Video)



“I have a surprise for you.” Probably my all-time favorite words to hear. I would have been probably through the roof in excitement to hear Cruz say these words if it weren’t for all the stress I was feeling from the weight of these horrid final assignments and tests. Slightly rolling my eyes, I replied … More Surprise!

Why Opposites Attract

Cruz and I are your typical opposites. So typical that it’s clichΓ©. You got me, your nerdy and awkward, shy girl who hid awayΒ at the library and then you have him, that popular, athletic guy that everyone swooned over. It’s the storyline of mostly every single romance novel or movie (minus the fact that we … More Why Opposites Attract