About Us

I’m Michi and his name is Cruz. We are just 2 bums completely in love, but are unfortunately stuck in a long distance relationship. That’s why we call ourselves the Bummy LDR Couple 😀

I really hope that through our blog we are able to help you survive the distance and make you smile a little! My blog hasn’t been getting enough love lately, but I will be back to regular blogging again soon. For now, you can find us most active on Instagram ❤ : @bummyldrcouple

More about our LDR


He lives in Florida, U.S.A while I live in Ontario, Canada, so we have about 1400 miles separating us. 

We have been together for almost 5 years, and have just met in person on 2/5/2017!

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Me and Cruz are also an interracial couple. I’m Filipino and Chinese and he’s Black and part Korean ♥

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Please don’t ever be shy to talk to us!