Some Quick Updates and #LDRdebates

Hey everyone!

I want to take the time to apologize to all of you and to my poor blog that hasn’t been getting all the love and attention it deserves. I have seriously been such a horrible blogger this year.

Just some updates on what’s been happening with me and Cruz:

‣ We haven’t broke up. (Woo!)

‣ Long distance relationships still suck.

‣ He was able to stay here for the entire month of July! (Blog post on that coming soon.)

‣ I gained hella weight from that visit. He did not. 😑

‣ My internship ended in August and I’m back in school to finish my last year of university (This means 2 things: (1) Visits with Cruz are now impossible until I graduate since I’m back living with my strict family and (2) ah yes, I’m broke again.)

‣ Cruz also survived Hurricane Irma. (Double woo!)


With all of that said, definitely follow us on Instagram (@bummyldrcouple) if you don’t already do. If you already do, then the above points are no surprise to you and you’re probably bored reading this post. (Sorry!)

I’m also starting a new fun segment on our Instagram called #LDRdebates where I post a debatable question on long distance relationships every week for all of you to share your opinion on. I just did our first one a few days ago here.

The question was,

“What makes a relationship a long distance relationship? Do you there needs to be a minimum amount of distance between you two for it to be an LDR?”

So don’t be shy and come join us! I’ll take some of your answers and feature it here on our blog.

Other than that, I’ll try to blog more often.

I always say that, but this time for real.

…I swear.



Leave us a comment! 😊

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