Meeting My Long Distance Boyfriend for the First Time


Warning: this post will possibly make you giggle or cringe from all the lovey dovey-ness.

Let’s start by saying that I went to the airport way too early! There was pretty much no one working and I had to wait for an hour. 😂

But in my defense, it was actually my first time going on a plane, so I really didn’t know what to expect. People kept telling me horror stories about getting stuck in line and almost missing their flights or getting lost!

I did have a mini panic attack since my name on the ticket had my middle name and my passport didn’t. Turns out it really doesn’t matter as long as your first and last name match. Phew!

This was the first selfie I sent Cruz when I finally went through the whole process of getting my boarding pass and going through security! However, I still had to wait about 3 more hours until my flight… (Told you that I went to the airport too early!)

The excitement and nervousness was really starting to hit me when I was finally on my way to board the plane. It felt so surreal that I was actually going to go see Cruz!

Side note: They really weren’t kidding when they say that airplanes are pretty cramped and have no leg room. I’m 5’2 with short legs and I still felt squished- kudos to all of you with long legs riding in economy class!

Luckily, the lady sitting next to me was very kind and funny. We cracked jokes about how cramped it was and giggled at how fast the flight attendant gave the pre-flight safety demonstration speech. It made me feel way more comfortable when we took off.

Oh and the view was incredible! I was so glad that I had a window seat 😊


Yep that’s right! That’s me over there with the backpack literally walking right past Cruz without knowing (He’s the one holding the camera in that gif. I know some of you might have been confused thinking the random guy standing there was Cruz! 😛 ) 😂

He had to run after me! But like I said- it was my first time on a plane and one of my other fears was that I would lose my luggage, so I was really rushing to go get it.


Cruz had asked a random sweet lady to film our first meeting while he was waiting for me to land.

Unfortunately, the video cut off right when we met there at the bottom of the stairs! (Bit of a bummer)

And there’s our first picture together 😊

I can’t even express in words all the happiness I felt. Finally seeing the one you love in person after almost 5 years! It was like I was still dreaming.

But can you believe the first thing he said to me was “Oh my god, you’re so short!” Talk about rude! 😂

It was a bit of a surprise to me that you can’t request an Uber from the Fort Myers airport. We were lucky that the Uber driver that brought Cruz to the airport was willing to wait and give us a ride to our Airbnb place.

He had a little trouble finding us, so we spent the time being lovey dovey and taking pictures!

The Airbnb place that we decided to stay at was so much more beautiful in person than in the photos! We loved it ❤️

The only downfall since both of us don’t drive was that it was a long walk to the nearest food places and even the bus stop!

That wasn’t a huge deal though. I mean it was a pretty great way to get exercise before we decided to go to McDonald’s for our first ever lunch date. (So romantic! I know) 😜

Here’s a random picture of a tree we saw on our walk back that we thought looked a lot like Plankton from Spongebob. We probably looked like a bunch of weirdos off the side of the road just giggling at this tree. Hopefully, you guys can see it 😂

And that’s basically how our first meeting went!

We crashed in bed and slept right when we got home. I don’t think Cruz and I had a wink of sleep the night before from all the excitement of meeting, so we were totally exhausted!

In all honesty…just being able to finally sleep next to him and not over a Skype call for the first time was one of the most amazing feelings for me on that day.

As corny as it sounds, I really do wish I could relive February 5th all over again.

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7 thoughts on “Meeting My Long Distance Boyfriend for the First Time

      1. It’s true tho! And don’t mention it ☺️ yea it has been! It’s going okay I just started college and absolutely hate it lolol. I’m hoping to meet my bf sometime end of this year/beginning of next year so yea. How are you?

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  1. When are you getting married???!!! My husband and I just got approved on March 14th 2018 for him to finally come be with me in the US from Ghana after over two years. Life is about to change forever for the best. I love looking at your pics and reading your blogs. Thank you for sharing!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg sorry this is such a late reply! thank you and congratulations on the approval!! That’s amazing- so happy for you guys

      For us…not too sure when we are getting married (that’s a question for Cruz since he hasn’t proposed yet LOL). But we do talk about marriage a lot and were saying in the next 1-2 years we should get married, so that we can start the sponsorship process for him to move here or me to move there. 😀


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