Why our First Meeting was Cancelled

If you follow us on either our Instagram or Twitter, then you know that our first meeting that was supposed to happen two days ago was cancelled.  I am still in utter shock.

His mom did everything to prevent Cruz from leaving that morning to catch his flight to see me. She threatened to kick him out of the house for good and even called the cops.

Although I am enraged at his mother for the extreme lengths she went through to get him to stay even after telling her months in advance about this trip, I am also partly angry at Cruz for letting it come to that.

But, I won’t go into detail. Long story short, I unfortunately had to make that call to cancel his flight last minute.

Most of you know how excited I was about this first meeting and saw all the time and effort I put into planning and preparing for it for almost a year. It hurts so much to see that it all went to waste. I definitely won’t be able to recover from this for a long while.

With that said, not only will I be taking a break from Cruz and our relationship, I’m going to be taking a huge break from blogging and will try to avoid social media as much as possible at the moment.

I also just want to say that even though I haven’t been replying, I promise that I’ve read all the messages and comments everyone has sent me and I want to thank you all so much for your care and support during this devastating time in my LDR.

I really love you all. You don’t know how much all of you have really helped me. I will hopefully talk to you all soon.






9 thoughts on “Why our First Meeting was Cancelled

  1. Hey there, sorry about what has happened. It must feel really upsetting and frustrating, I doubt no one can truly understand your feelings right now. Nonetheless, I hope that you’ll have a restful down time, and sincerely wish that things will be better in a while. Hang in there 🙂

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  2. Even a month later and Mitch and I are still sending you so much love and support. I hope you’ve healed as time has gone on and can be happy. We both hope all is going well and we both love you very much.

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