Passport Troubles and March Goals


I’m going to rant just a tad bit in this blog post.

Reason being is that Cruz has waited until the last possible minute to get his passport. The cover picture of this post was a screenie he took during one of our video calls of my clearly annoyed face at the whole situation.

First off, I’m an anxious little potato and need things to be planned way in advance and done on time. I hear stories left and right about how long the passport processing times take from just a month to four months, so I’ve been badgering him to get it done as far back as October.

But of course, something always comes up that prevents him from getting his passport. Even now when there’s two months left until our first meeting, there’s a lot of things going on that’s making it almost impossible for him to get a passport. It’s really making me want to bury myself in a hole.

Not going into the details of what exactly is happening that is preventing Cruz from getting his passport in this post, but I’m driving myself crazy just thinking if this is just rotten luck or his irresponsibility.

I know Cruz is really sorry and has been trying his best to get his passport, but I’ve just been too anxious and depressed to even talk to him and act normal. Everything seems to end up being a disappointment and I am starting to question if this first meeting will even happen.

Therefore, I’ve finally decided to just take a break from this relationship and mainly focus on taking care of myself for awhile. My main goals this month revolve around self-care:

  1. Taking care of my health physically and emotionally by  doing things like exercising more often or just remembering to take breaks
  2. Appreciate and treat myself in some way everyday because I deserve it
  3. Join a new club at my school and make some new friends

Successes last month:

      1. Found and paid for an awesome place on Airbnb for Cruz and I to stay in when (or if) he visits
      2. Was able to get really nice shots this month with my DSLR. You can check some of them out on my Instagram. Some of them haven’t been posted yet since I’m saving them for my future blog posts, so look out for them
      3. I’ve done my first ever guest post for which went live here

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5 thoughts on “Passport Troubles and March Goals

  1. “I’m an anxious little potato” – made me chuckle. Glad you’re taking care of yourself – things have a way of working themselves out xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heehee glad I made you laugh a little even though my post is pretty depressing. Thank you so much for the encouragement! I really do hope things work out… I’m getting really hopeless about everything 😦


  2. awe don’t feel too sad! I think he can get the passport expedited if he lets them know that he’ll be going for a trip! I got J to get his passport in exchange for me going to cali back in Oct. He got it done, but he didnt know i already booked my flight. LOL. guys take forever and a day to get their shit together it drives me insane lol. I think J got his passport 1-2 months after applying.

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