Please don’t steal!


It has come to my attention that someone has stolen my post “10 things to Appreciate in your LDR” or otherwise known as on my WordPress, “10 Things You Love About Being In a Long Distance Relationship.”

They have copied and pasted the whole post word for word, created their own picture with it and started posting it on social media such as Pinterest and Instagram without crediting me. I haven’t found the culprit for this since everyone that’s posted the picture on their social media said that they got it from somewhere else.


Don’t get me wrong, although I am thrilled to know that you love my posts, please do not copy and paste any blog’s content and post it as your own without giving them credit.

It is not fair to me or any other bloggers who work hard on our blog posts. And that goes for any other work such as art or photography. Please make sure you credit the original creators.

Thank you!


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