2015 Year in Review Challenge! (With Video)


If you didn’t already read my previous post on the challenge rules, then click here!

Basically, there were a total of 48 questions about 2015 and this new year. We chose questions randomly and asked each other the questions back and forth. Β I think this is probably one of the funniest challenges that we did together. We ended up sharing lots of laughs and dorky smiles as we talked about silly memories of 2015 and about our future plans this year such as our first meeting this May!

I was able to record me and Cruz’s Skype date as we were doing this challenge! We didn’t answer all 48 question, but we did end up playing this game for about 2 hours πŸ˜‚

Don’t worry! I condensed it to a 11 minute video down below:

Questions we answered in the video:

  1. How would you as a couple like to strengthen your relationship?
  2. What will be your biggest relationship success this year?
  3. Who really inspired you last year?
  4. Best conversation you had?
  5. What cool things did you want to create this year?
  6. What item or place were you most thankful for?
  7. What was your favorite visit together last year? (Even though we haven’t met yet in personΒ πŸ˜‚)

Questions we answered not in the video:

  1. Biggest lesson you learned?
  2. What movies would you like to see this year?
  3. What date nights would you love to try together?
  4. One celeb you were so sick of hearing about?
  5. Favorite song of the year?
  6. What was an unexpected obstacle?
  7. What was the best gift you received?
  8. What little things did you enjoys most about your LDR?

We did have a lot of fun with this challenge, but it got a little emotional when we asked questions like “What was an unexpected obstacle?” or “Biggest lesson you learned.” Last year, Cruz and I went through the most lowest point of our relationship, almost breakingΒ up for good last February of 2015.

I won’t go into much detail, but I really wished that we did things differently, so it wouldn’t have come to that point in 2015. However, as we were talking about it, Cruz said this:

“We learned the most when we were in the worse place, and the fact that we were able to get through it made us grow so much stronger than before.”



11 thoughts on “2015 Year in Review Challenge! (With Video)

  1. AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I wanna squish both your facessssss!!!! YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE!!! and the goofy, cute background music made it even better. And you had to mention his big forehead.. HAHA! As I was watching the video, I actually imagined you both as anime characters..which made the experience of watching this even cuter!


      1. speaking of anatomy, while I was watching the video I noticed something. Cruz’s nose and L’s nose look similar. πŸ˜› Or maybe my glasses are being weird. lol


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