Why Opposites Attract


Cruz and I are your typical opposites. So typical that it’s cliché. You got me, your nerdy and awkward, shy girl who hid away at the library and then you have him, that popular, athletic guy that everyone swooned over.

It’s the storyline of mostly every single romance novel or movie (minus the fact that we met online and are millions of miles away).

But why do opposites attract and why is it so overly romanticized that it constantly reappears in almost every romance story?

The psychological answer:

“People fall in love with those who have similar traits to the ones they like about themselves and different traits to the ones they don’t like about themselves.”


And that makes perfect sense! For example, if you’re like me who’s shy and insecure, you will be attracted to someone that has that confidence and assertiveness that you lack. Or if you’re like Cruz, who is not very affectionate and sweet, then you’ll be looking for someone who is like that. (I laugh, because he’s the type of person that will pretend to be annoyed and disgusted by my lovey doveyness, but low key absolutely loves it).

On the flip side, if you’re passionate about something such as a type of music or in our case it was gaming, you will be attracted to someone who is into it as well. That explains why people also fall in love with people of the same morals or deeply held beliefs.

Therefore, falling in love isn’t as random as you think it is. It’s got this psychological process in which you have this unique checklist of criteria secretly hidden in the subconscious of your mind. That checklist has all those things you want similar between you and a potential partner and the things that you lack and are looking for in them.

If a person meets that criteria, then bam, you’re in love.

Cruz and I balance each other out and fulfill each others needs with our differences. I guess that being in love with someone that is opposite in you is really just finding that other half you needed that completes you.


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