10 Things You Love About Being In a Long Distance Relationship


1) You don’t always need to shave

You don’t even need to look presentable most of the time when you’re in a long distance relationship.
Example 1:

Selfies wit the bae in LDRs be like…

2) The texts you get from them make you smile at your phone like an idiot

Don’t you just love getting random texts from them throughout the day?

3) You still get butterflies just hearing their voice

I love skype dates ❤

Most of the time you’re both texting each other in a long distance relationship, so the times that you do get to call each other up and finally hear their voice are the best.

4) You get to have the cutest Skype dates

First time I’ve seen him drunk He kept saying he loved me ..❤

Who said that Skype dates are not as fun as in-person dates?


yay Skype kisses

Nothing like making out with your phone or laptop!

6) You get to be a total romantic when writing letters and mailing them stuff


How often do close distance couples get to write a love letter? Not as much as we get to!

7)You always get excited planning visits and talking about closing the distance someday


Just seeing that countdown to your next visit gives you indescribable happiness

8) Every visit is technically an adventure

One day I’ll be travelling to see you (this year hopefully)

You are or they are travelling to a whole different location. Some couples are travelling to different countries or even different continents to see their significant other! That is definitely an adventure.

9) You really appreciate the little things that close distance couples overlook

Me: Go to sleep babe ._. BF: NO YOU. I don’t wanna BF: *falls asleep* Me: Pfffttt xD

Little things such as being able to touch them or cuddle them or just be close enough to breathe their air is something we really appreciate.

10) You know that if you survive the distance, you both can pretty much survive through anything


Distance is the hardest thing that a couple can go through. If you beat the distance, you two are pretty much invincible together, so stay strong!

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