The 7 Deadly Sins of Long Distance Relationships: Greed


What is the most important thing that we should be giving to our significant others? Our time.

One of the perks of being in a long distance relationship is that we do have a lot of me-time. You have time to do the things you love, hang out with friends or family, study or work. But, we sometimes get caught up in that or life gets too busy. We get greedy with our time and we forget to or not want to spend our time with our significant others.  It is bad in any relationship if we continuously do not spend time with our significant others. I mean, why even bother being in a relationship if we’re not willing to give our time to it? A relationship is a commitment and we can’t just push it aside for awhile and expect our relationship to be there when we go back to it. The most infuriating excuse I always hear is “I don’t have time” or “I’m too busy.” You are too busy to use a few minutes of your day to text or call your significant other? Unless you live somewhere with no technology or access to Wi-Fi, I don’t think so.
On the flip side, however, there is such thing as giving too much time to our significant other. In other words, we become greedy with our significant other’s time. We can get so focused on them and want our significant others to spend every hour, every minute or every second with us. Don’t think that you’re weird for wanting that. If someone absolutely makes you happy, of course we will want to spend a lot of time with them! Your significant other should for sure be an important part of your life, but contrary to popular belief, you can’t make them your everything and they can’t make you their everything.

The idea here is that we, again, have to strike a balance. Balance is everything. Don’t revolve your whole life around your significant other, but also don’t be a turd and neglect your relationship completely.

How to Not Be Greedy With Our Time/Not Be a Turd

1. Talk at least once a day

Having contact with each other is so important in a long distance relationship. I believe that you should be contacting each other at least once a day no matter how busy you two are. It’s not hard to send texts. It shows that you care and haven’t forgotten about your significant other.

2. Plan

And, like with any other commitment, you have to plan. Set times and dates where you can call and have Skype dates. Let each other know what you’re going to be doing for the day or even the next few days so you know when is the best time for both of your busy schedules to spend time together. This is very important especially for those of us long distance couples with time differences. When you’ve both finally figured out when’s the best time to have Skype dates, please try your best to follow through. You need to make your significant other your first priority for those dates and times that you set.

3. Set limits

Make sure you set a limit on the amount of time you are spending with each other. Take into account other things you want to or need to be spending time on in your life whether that be working on a hobby, spending time with friends or studying for that test next week.

4. Be understanding

Lastly, take also into account that your significant other has their own life and be understanding when they really can’t spend time with you during certain times or days.

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One thought on “The 7 Deadly Sins of Long Distance Relationships: Greed

  1. That’s a really great thought! Balancing the amount of time we spent with each other vs our individual lives was a bit of a struggle for my LDR and myself. Especially as it came close to when I moved to her country. We had to work out a new balance as it was fitting I spend a lot more time with family and friends saying goodbye – yet we were to be married soon so our relationship was pretty time consuming by that stage. It was an interesting time, but we worked it out. Fortounately my wife had moved country from her family so recognised the importance of saying proper goodbyes to family and friends.

    Hope you two continue to strike a good balance!

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