The 7 Deadly Sins of Long Distance Relationships: Sloth


There’s a huge misconception on the whole “honeymoon stage.”  Yes, everything is rainbows and gumdrops, because you’re just getting into a new relationship.  It’s a stage where you’re just getting to know each other, so both of you try to make the best possible impression.  Then as time goes on, you get more comfortable with each other and won’t need to dress fancy all the time or be afraid of burping in front of each other.  However, the misconception is that when the honeymoon stage ends, the fun in the relationship ends.

My biggest pet peeve is when people blame the end of the honeymoon stage as the reason for why their relationship has lost its spark. I even hear people use that as an excuse for other people’s relationships. They say, “Oh, they’re still in the honeymoon stage,” as if the relationship will inevitably head into its impending doom once this stage ends.  Unfortunately, it’s common to believe that once you have been in a relationship for so long, that you don’t have to put in much effort to keep the relationship afloat by keeping it interesting and fun. People get lazy and start neglecting their significant others. That is one of the biggest sins that will lead the relationship straight to its demise whether it is close distance or long distance.

You’ve heard over and over that relationships take work and that work includes trying to keep your relationship fresh and exciting. It’s not surprising that long distance relationships are in more danger of the treachery that is boredom.   Both of you are miles apart with only technology to work with so you have twice as much work in keeping the fun in your relationship. You can’t go on spontaneous romantic trips or show any of the physical affection that can take the place of verbal affection when you’re together.

With that said, those in long distance relationships will tell you that their daily activity as a couple is talking. But does that mean that people in long distance relationships are forever constrained to just texting and calling? No, no, and no. Definitely during the first period of your long distance relationship, you will both enjoy talking a lot and getting to know each other, but just talking online all the time will eventually get boring. You also become more likely to run into a common problem in long distance relationships which is running out of things to say. Sure, you can definitely try to search for new topics to talk about, but what you should really be doing is thinking of other things you can do other than just talking.

“You can’t do that much over the internet!” Wrong. There are many things you can do together over the internet. You just need to put the time and effort to find them. You also need to be creative enough to improvise and create your own activities as a long distance couple. From playing games together online to having unique Skype dates where you both watch movies or dress up and have a dinner together- there is endless possibilities.

The secret in keeping your significant other is treating them as if you’re still trying to win them over.

So, don’t ever stop thinking of new things to do with your significant other and never stop doing the things that people consider appropriate only in the honeymoon stage like surprises and romantic gestures.

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