The 7 Deadly Sins of Long Distance Relationships: Envy


The difference with envy and jealousy is that with envy we want something that someone has and we don’t while jealousy is when we have something that we think is in danger of being taken by a third person. Jealousy, of course, occurs in relationships and gets heightened in long distance relationships. Most people in long distance relationships such as myself are guilty of fearing that their significant other will find someone closer to them that they may think is worth leaving them for. It’s not good to be overly jealous to the point of not giving any freedom to your significant other and starting arguments with them about every girl or guy they encounter every second. You need to learn to trust each other, but also make sure that you both give each other no reason for you or your significant other to have no trust as well.

But, let’s now focus on envy. One thing I find is that people envy other people’s relationships, because they keep comparing their relationship with everybody else’s.  Do you find yourself thinking, “That person did that for their significant other, why can’t mine do that for me!” or “That couple gets to do that all the time why can’t we!” Stop.  It leaves your significant other feeling like utter crap for not being able to be what you want them to be or to give you what you want in the relationship. You have to be understanding of your long distance situation and most importantly, understanding of how your significant other is.

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