200 Days Until Our First Meeting!


Hey guys! Sorry I have been a little inactive the last couple days. Midterms are just around the corner as well as other major projects and assignment due dates 😦

But we just recently hit 200 days until our first ever meeting in person! Yay we are entering the 100’s!! Β I am super, super excited.

Me and Cruz have been together for a little over 3 years now which is a pretty long time being together and not even meeting in person yet. I’ve only met a few other LDR couples who are just like us and had to wait a really long time before meeting in person. We actually initially planned to meet after I graduate University which is in another 2 years, but as you know, this amazing person from Tumblr decided to help us out and give us her extra plane ticket for him to fly all the way from Florida to here! (Check out her TumblrΒ and give her lots of love). I am truly thankful for her.

My boyfriend, Cruz, is looking into getting his passport. I’m an anxious little potato, so I’m really pushing him to get it done as soon as possible even though we’ve got ample time.

So all of you other people in a long distance relationship like me, how did your first meetings go?! I’d love to know. I’m excited, but really nervous!


15 thoughts on “200 Days Until Our First Meeting!

  1. The first time I met my boyfriend was amazing. I remember being so nervous while I sat on the train, but as soon as I saw him waiting at the other side of the gate was the best possible feeling! You never would have thought that was the first day we met!

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