The Catfish Complex


“What if he’s catfishing you?” For those of you who don’t know who a catfish is- it’s basically a person who pretends to be someone else online in order to lure someone into a relationship. There’s a lot of negativity involving relationships that start off close distance then go into long distance. However, on top of that long distance negativity, I have to also battle the stigma around couples who met online. From catfishing jokes to comments saying that it’s not a “real” relationship- I heard them all. I don’t blame them though since media has given online relationships a pretty bad name. I was actually one of those nay-sayers to online dating.

But honestly, it’s 2015 guys. Technology lets you connect to people all around the world, so online relationships are inevitable. Another thing is that most don’t realize that catfishing in the offline world is more common than they think- we have all met someone in person who turned out to be completely different to what you thought they were.

My boyfriend truly makes me the happiest. When I was talking with him about what brings us happiness in our online long distance relationship, he shocked me with this response:

What makes me happy is that I know you’re not fake. I know I have a deep connection with you based on who you are as a person which is more than looks or any material thing which is why our relationship is so special. Meeting online forces you to get to know someone beyond their looks. (But I’m lucky I have someone who is amazing both personality and look-wise which gives me even more happiness ~ )

   I think it also gives a deeper connection simply because of the deep yearning you have for one another. Over time you appreciate things more. I just feel I can trust you so much more than anyone- LDR’s really force you to be open. I don’t think I would be nearly as open-minded about being in an LDR if I haven’t been through it. It makes me happy to realize first-hand how you can fall in love through anything really as long as it’s real and there’s a connection.

   The fact we have has to be there for each other from hundreds of miles away makes me feel it will be so much easier when we meet face to face. We have a special comfort I feel most people wouldn’t. We already know each other completely prior to meeting in person for the first time.

   Long distance relationships are hard, but it’s even harder to find the one person you have a deep connection with and want to spend the rest of your life with. It not that we choose to be in a long distance relationship, we just happen to find that real connection with somebody far away. And with that connection, you’re willing to go through a lot for it.”


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