Tiny Mail Activity Kit by Leafcutter Designs Review

This video was me and Cruz’s first reactions to opening the adorable Tiny Mail Activity Kit by Leafcutter Designs!

First off, I just want to say that this kit is beautifully crafted.  I’ve researched a bit on the product and saw that most of these tiny items cannot be made by machines and therefore are hand-made!

When I first opened the tiny mail kit I was pretty nervous, because there was no instructions. You can see in the video that my boyfriend kept shouting at me to read the instructions even though I said it like a million times there wasn’t any -_-.  Anyway, although there wasn’t any instructions, I found that it was pretty easy to figure out (…or not because it took a lot of bickering between me and Cruz but that’s just how we are haha).

Also, my hands are pretty big so I thought I would destroy everything! The pictures really make them seem bigger than what they really are in real life.

Let’s take a look at what’s inside the Tiny Mail Kit:

1) Tiny letter paper and tiny envelopes


I was happy to see that there was blank letter paper along with the two other types of lined letter paper. I drew cute little doodles! (Click here to see)

There are also visible indents that are guidelines to where you fold the letter and envelopes which I thought was really helpful in preventing my tiny mail from looking like poop because of my lack of folding skills.

2) The most amazing fine-tip pen (Seriously in love with this pen)


I’ve heard these are one of the best brand pens for drawing. I might actually go and seek out these pens to buy individually for other artistic uses!

3) Prettier tiny envelopes and lots of stickers


I was actually so surprised that there was even more envelopes that came in different designs! They came in a bundle so I thought the one blue envelope on top was the only design.

The stickers are also totally cute. I found it was a little hard taking the stickers out and placing the tiny stamp stickers on the tiny mail precisely.  A pair of tweezers might come in handy for this.

4) Magnifying Glass and Newspaper


The one thing that amazed me the most was the mini newspaper. I was raving about it in the video because there is an actual crossword you can do and articles you can read by using the cute magnifying glass that came with it. It felt like a sin to crumble the tiny newspaper up so that it could be used as filling for the inside of the package!

One thing to note about the stamp ink is to be a little careful in opening it because you might get ink all over you! Make sure to get the tape off the sides. The case in which the stamps come in is actually pretty hard to open as well as you saw in the video so watch out for that!

5) Tiny boxes, brown wrapping paper and string


These are all the supplies you need to construct the package for your tiny mail. You can make a total of 6 packages. What I loved about the boxes as well is that they can also be used to store the rest of your tiny mail supplies neatly until the next time you want to make tiny mail.

I think the one thing that this kit should have included was tape. You will need it to wrap your package with the brown wrapping paper!


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My review was featured on LDRmagazine.com!


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