You are My Treasure (Our LDR Music Playlist)


There was a time where I was banned from talking to my boyfriend for months. I had no cellphone, no laptop- we didn’t even have our own WiFi. All I had was one first generation iPod touch that stole WiFi from the neighbour’s and a home computer that I had to share with my two younger sisters and my mother.

I’ve been trying to hide my relationship from my mom the moment we started dating. It was pretty stupid of me to think that I could hide it from her since I basically have no privacy whatsoever from her. The moment she found out about my relationship was the start of the worse days of my life. She took my Ipod touch and never let me use the home computer which left me locked up in my room all day. I had no ways of communication with my boyfriend and seriously had to wait until I went to school to talk to him on my one hour lunch break in the computer lab. Even that was a struggle since computers weren’t always readily available.

On top of not being able to even talk to my boyfriend, I had to hear constant slurs and judgements about my relationship every single day which was close to unbearable. I couldn’t even explain myself or defend myself, because she wouldn’t listen and it would just end up twice as badly.

Anyway, the only thing that really kept me going strong was music. I thankfully dug up my old IPod shuffle and downloaded tunes that my boyfriend gave me to keep me from crying like a baby every time I came home. Ever since, music has become very important to us. It reminds us of all the difficulties we’ve been through and of how far we’ve come.

Here’s our top ten favorite songs:

1)      Treasure- Bruno Mars

2)      You da One- Rihanna

3)      The Moon Song- Karen O

4)      Love on Top- Beyonce

5)      With You- Chris Brown

6)      Sunday Candy- Chance the Rapper

7)      Unthinkable- Alicia Keys

8)      Count on Me- Bruno Mars

9)      Power Trip- J. Cole

10)    Melancholy Hill- Gorrillaz

What are you and your significant other’s favorite songs?


Leave us a comment! 😊

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