The Woes of Insecurity in a Long Distance Relationship

I’ve been plagued with anxiety and insecurity since who knows when. Both of those combined are just bad news in a long distance relationship- a relationship that thrives entirely on trust.  It becomes worse especially when your boyfriend attracts much unneeded attention from other people that flirt with him. My anxiety and insecurity become the roots of all the gross and unnecessary fears I have in my LDR.

For starters, let’s talk about cheating. I guarantee you that anybody with insecurity is bound to have this as their number one or close to their number one fear in a relationship. Without fail, I always catch myself thinking, “What if he finds someone better than me?” And it’s not because my boyfriend has done anything to make me suspect he’s cheating. It’s simply the fact that my brain is hard-wired to always think, “Hey, I am not good enough or attractive enough to have someone love me this much!”

Secondly, I’m always worrying about possible events that are the most unlikely to happen whether it be that he’s out cheating on me or be that he randomly got eaten by a bear on the way home (*knocks on wood so that he doesn’t actually get eaten by a bear*).

Anyway, you all know the famous quote that goes something like, “Don’t expect others to love you if you don’t love yourself.” Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s not entirely true. You don’t need to wait to fully love yourself before others love you.There are people that will love you no matter how much you think you are not deserving of their love. Those that truly love you will be there to remind you that you are enough and I am so thankful that I do have those kind of people in my life such as my boyfriend. Thank you for loving me, babe.

What do you fear the most about being in a long distance relationship? 


6 thoughts on “The Woes of Insecurity in a Long Distance Relationship

  1. I guess it’s just normal to feel that way. I used to be jealous with my husband’s ex because they’ve been together physically more than we have. But yeah, sometimes it’s just too good to be true and that all negative things are just all in our heads.


      1. Well, sometimes the more we show how paranoid we are, the more they get annoyed. So just be confident and prove that you love him more than his exes loved him. 🙂


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