An Online Love Story- Pt.2


I was always taught by my mother to never chase guys- let him confess his love to you first (totally sexist, but hey, that’s the type of environment she grew up in). My mother is your typical strict, Asian parent and I pretty much never disobeyed any of her words. That is, until the night of August 8, 2012.

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Like I said, after my first encounter with my boyfriend, Cruz, in April 2012, I never ever wanted to talk to him again. However, my friend, Runko, kept trying to convince me to play with him and Cruz again, saying things like “He was sorry” and “He didn’t mean it” (bla bla bla). I finally gave in and agreed to play with Cruz again, preparing for the worse of his douchebag-ary. However, this second encounter was not what I expected.

Well, we still fought with each other, but the fighting and trash talking between us started slowly becoming flirting. I was starting to enjoy being with this guy more and more. I mean most guys I’ve met on this MMORPG were boring, and couldn’t hold a conversation, but this guy definitely could.

What put me off again though was that he asked me to be his girlfriend like 1-2 weeks after we met. I rejected him of course. I mean he is cool and all, but I didn’t even really know him! Also, being raised in a strict household, I absolutely did not believe in online relationships. You can’t fall in love with someone you haven’t met in person yet… right?

I was wrong, very wrong. Even though I had rejected him, Cruz kept talking to me more and more.  Soon enough we began talking on MSN and that’s when it started going downhill (or uphill haha). Four months later in August, I realized, I liked Cruz a lot and maybe was even falling in love with him. It was such an emotional time for me since, as cliché as it sounds, I had never really fallen in love before (Heck, I never even had a boyfriend before). I didn’t even think falling in love online was even possible, but I just couldn’t take it anymore and had to confess my feelings for him.

My confession was so flimsy and embarrassing. It pains me to remember it, but it is one of the most important first memories in our relationship. It was almost midnight and we were just chatting on MSN like we usually do. I suddenly had a burst of courage and blurted out that he was stupid and that I loved him…not in English though.

I thought I was being slick that day because he wouldn’t be able to know what I said. I could of probably have played it off like it was nothing. However, I somehow forgot that Google translate exists so he definitely found out what I had said. Thankfully, he returned my feelings that night on August 8, 2012. It was one of the happiest moments of my life.


Michi intrigued me and made me laugh, so messing with her became kind of my thing. It seemed like she kind of liked it too because we added each other and soon would just go back and forth talking sh*t to each other in PM (private message).

Then, the story takes a very cliché and funny turn.  Soon, my buddy Runko had seen me always interacting with her and thought it wasn’t serious at the time. Being boys, he laughed and brought up the subject of her being my girlfriend. Of course I said I could make her my girlfriend if I wanted and, off that conversation of male douchebag-ary and pride spun the cliché bet between males- “I bet you can’t get her to be your girlfriend.”

I accept because: A. I like a challenge… and B. Deep down I kind of liked talking to her for some reason anyway… She seemed strong, yet reserved in a way. And smart. Not like a lot of girls I had talked to before. So, I welcomed this idea in a way Runko didn’t realize

I begin this pursuit of wooing her subtly.  She was resentful and stand-offish to it saying, “I don’t even know you.” But I didn’t let this detour me. I kept talking to her, and wooing away. We started playing in game and flirting. She flirted too and soon we were even talking outside the game. Cliché enough, through this wooing I was doing, I actually began to like her more than I thought…

I felt more and more intrigued and I wanted to know her even more, but not because of some stupid bet. As we began talking on MSN (yep that long ago haha), she opened up more, and so did I and we had such great chemistry not just with fighting or gaming, but with each other as people.

In a way we are seemingly completely different… but in certain important things we were a lot alike- like both of us having very similarly crazy parents for one. Her honesty was refreshing and for some reason she seemed like the only person I felt it was absolutely okay to really open up to and she still is. I love her very much that was just one moment in time that spun off into a lot of twists most people wouldn’t think would lead to anything special. But here we are 3 years later this August 8th and I cherish that date more than anything because I cherish her.


I hope you enjoyed our LDR story!

(And if you’re wondering, yes I did get mad at him at first for the whole bet thing with Runko when he told me back then, three months into dating him -_- )

Who confessed to who first in your long distance relationship? Comment below! 😛

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15 thoughts on “An Online Love Story- Pt.2

      1. Yay it’s nice to meet other people in LDR’s like me! I saw some of your posts saying that you were looking for some LDR couples to interview! I’d love to help if you’re still looking 🙂
        I couldn’t comment on your blog posts for some reason.

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      2. Really that is strange that it won’t let you comment it. You want to be part of the book 😀 I am still looking


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