An Online Love Story- Pt.1



We met sometime in April 2012, during my junior year of high school. I was quiet and shy in person, but online I was a fierce and loud mouth gamer.  Online was really a place where I could let go and really be myself without fearing that other people would judge me.  At the time, I was very addicted to a MMORPG that was basically a player vs. player anime-style fighting game.

I had a friend named Derell who I frequently played with on this game and one day when we were playing with each other along with my best friend named Chels, he decided to invite one of his friends to play with us. I remember that I could almost immediately feel this guy’s cockiness through the screen the moment he entered.  From the way his character was dressed to the way he talked, even his game name- I hated it all. Little did I know that this guy would someday be my boyfriend.

I guess from being a gamer girl, you get annoyed dealing with all kinds of male players that think they’re better than you. The game started and suddenly I was in a face to face battle with this new guy. He was totally easy to beat (sorry, not sorry babe). After beating him, he of course gets very angry and starts trash talking. And see, I don’t take any type of trash talking in game, so I started talking trash back at him. We just kept arguing and fighting. I beat him again and again until he finally won (by luck mind you).

Winning the game makes you in control of the whole game room, allowing you to kick players out so surprise, surprise- he kicks me out of the game in rage.  I was furious and never wanted to ever run into my boyfriend ever again.

And that’s it- that’s how we first met. We hated each other’s guts and became enemies the first time we met. It wasn’t really what I or anyone imagines what it would be like finally meeting the love of their life.  But hey, love works in funny ways!


Michi is the love of my life, but at one point she was just an annoying teenager that I ran into in game via my friend Derell who was kind of like my wingman in game at the a way lmao. Not specifically for the purpose of getting each other women – more like the conventional sense of the expression. Anyway, we were always helping each other with stuff.

One day he needed my help with a favor because he really wanted to 2v2 these “cool Asian chicks” he met in game…And he needed a partner.  So, as you might have guessed, I filled that spot, and joined the game in what was, at that time…my conventional immature arrogant douche bag fashion.

Funny thing about our love story is that we didn’t lock eyes and fall madly in love at the sudden realization of each other being a soul mate. We hated each other. We fought in that first match with our characters and with our words, angrily and yet… playfully. Being as immature as I was at the time, I welcomed rivalry lmao. But with her it was different. She kind of welcomed it too in a way with her witty abrupt scornful come backs. They intrigued me and made me laugh, so messing with her became kind of my thing.

Although each interaction we had involved some instant battle of wits and pride, we did end up talking more and more in game and soon we became inseparable.


To be honest, I was laughing so hard because my boyfriend actually went deeper into the story. He wrote way more than just our first meeting which was super adorable. I cut that part out for now 🙂

~This is basically how the chat went after we read each other’s point of views~

Cruz: Take out the emotes in my point of view or whatever….because yours don’t have them…so now I seem lame

Michi: LMAO I’ll take them out baby

Cruz: Wait…maybe don’t take them out, because it kind of shows who I am.

Michi: I wanted to put emotes, but…

Cruz: Nah you’re just not brave enough 😀

Michi: Ihy

Cruz: I liked yours BUT I didn’t agree with the fact that you beat me relentlessly. Can I change mine to the fact that I let you win

Michi: Nope, too bad 😀

Cruz: You just had to throw that in there, you scorned little duckling. That’s so like you

Michi: Also hey I love when you write about me. You wrote sooo much wow you must really love me a lot :3

Cruz: You’re annoying

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9 thoughts on “An Online Love Story- Pt.1

  1. Your conversation at the end is so cute. 🙂 I also just posted my response to this prompt. I haven’t told my hubby that I posted his writing. Haha. It’s something he wrote for our Visa paperwork not for this prompt. But my reaction was the same because I was not expecting those emotes, too. 😀 They’re so adorable. 🙂


    1. Thank you! I read your response to the prompt just now and commented- I enjoyed reading it. 😀
      And I know right? Totally adorable and surprising hearing the story from your significant other. Especially when they include the little details that you think they wouldn’t have noticed 😛


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